Fathom Architects


Sustainability 2020 round-up

With the challenges 2020 has presented, at times it’s felt difficult to build on the momentum that’s been growing within the industry in response to our shared climate emergency. The start of a new year presents an opportunity to reflect on the what we’ve achieved, and what we hope to achieve over the coming months.

We are particularly focused on the need to address embodied and whole-life carbon in our work, and have highlighted this as our main priority for 2021. We continue to use our experience of unlocking sensitive and complex projects to extend the life of existing buildings, which is the most sustainable option open to us in most cases.

However, when new-build is the option, novel solutions are welcome: at Blackfriars Road, a complementary relationship has been designed, whereby waste heat from the offices will be used to warm the almshouses. All homes are being designed to achieve Passivhaus standards and natural light, views, and a connection to nature have underpinned our approach.