Fathom Architects


How can we make London better?

We love London, but there’s always room for improvement. Marking the 40th edition of New London Quarterly, the NLA asked for ‘the best blue-sky but workable concepts to improve the city, expressed, where possible, as a pencil or pen sketch on a napkin’. Fathom answered the call, with a range of ideas.

Inspired by the climate protest bridge closures, let’s create a sustainable garden bridge by closing an existing one to traffic and planting it up with trees and grasses. Or a cycle lane for people who don’t wear Lycra and want a more leisurely commute. Floating parks edging the river. Or a fast lane in pubs for ‘professional’ drinkers (order the Guinness first, no cocktails, no sampling before you choose). Let’s enjoy our City.

See the best ideas from across the capital in New London Quarterly.