Fathom Architects

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Bletchley Park, Block G, Milton Keynes

  • LocationMilton Keynes
  • UseWorkspace and science and innovation
  • ClientBletchley Park Partners
  • SizeSite area 2.73 acres
  • Date2020

Science and research development for a redundant site within Bletchley Park at the centre of the OxCam arc.

Fathom were invited to propose new vision and purpose for a redundant site within Bletchley Park, Britain’s most important cryptology centre during World War Two.

The site’s historic significance in computing and coding – and location at the centre of the OxCam arc – created an opportunity to re-imagine a series of derelict utilitarian buildings to combine innovative research facilities with commercial real estate.

Following collaboration with science and research leaders, we identified potential tenants and created a development with impactful front of house spaces for interaction and collaboration, behind which adaptable research and innovation spaces are housed in a series of re-purposed buildings with added interventions.