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Concept published in Property Week exploring how physical high streets can adapt and remain relevant in response to purchasers online experiences.

As digital retail moves towards augmented reality and enhanced online experience, Fathom Architects has been researching how this translates into physical high street spaces in urban centres.

Brands have adapted during the pandemic to develop customer journeys across multiple digital channels. Rather than compete with these, high street environments can add a layer which connects deeply with consumers to create a shared culture of belonging.

The accelerated shift to online payments and home delivery has liberated retail space from tills, high quantities of stock and hard security lines.

Since the purpose of visiting a store is no longer driven by making a purchase, larger high street spaces can offer tailored, data-led experiences and expert advice which underline and build on brand values. At a time of increased scrutiny on the provenance of products, information on ethical supply chain and sustainable manufacture can build loyalty and trust.

Our belief is that the future of physical retail rests on its ability to create an elevated experience via a highly flexible spatial model capable of hosting display, performance and events. An adaptable framework could allow complimentary retail narratives to overlap in the same space over time, with a combination of easily reconfigured physical and digital elements responding to changing footfall and demographics according to the time of day, week or season.

Tenants and landlords would have the opportunity to become high street curators, introducing residencies in culture, sports and gaming during and beyond traditional retail hours. This broadcast potential across ages, backgrounds and interest groups could engage a far wider audience than the consumer profile for a single tenant.

Whilst high street retail is facing an existential challenge, the boom of online retail and brand engagement proves that consumer appetite remains high. If shops are to survive, careful consideration needs to be given to how high streets can better serve their communities and retail units need to look beyond a physical point of sale.

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